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Black Raspberry & Vanilla

I began making soap back in 2012. At the time I had just finished teaching Temari, the Japanese art of embroidering a covered ball and was wondering what I could do next. 

The suggestion was put to me that I should make soap. Hmm, I thought why would I want to make soap, nothing very creative in that. How wrong I was. 

The interent showed me that soapmaking was anything but boring. With recipes galore plus creating your own. The use of colours and fragrances, plus different techniques to learn, this is going to be fun while at the same time very educational. I was in!

I started with the simple method of soapmaking using melt and pour products before going on to making soap from scratch. Trying different recipes using only natural oils and butters was really interesting  and gave me an insight into the upsides and downsides of different oils and how they affected the quality of the finished product.  

Later I found that my cake decorating skills of years ago could be used again to pipe and make decorative soaps and cupcakes. 

The only downside to making pretty soaps is the comment that many people make; "they're too pretty to use." 

Okay, so gift them. Back home in England, 'pretty' is good and 'pretty' sells, maybe because the weather can be so depressing at times! Anyhow, I adore pretty things. 

If you would like to see and sniff some of my soaps, and if it isn't raining, you will find me at the Riccarton Market on a Sunday between 9.00am and 2.00pm.  

I have added to the 'Articles' instructions for making Temari, and I will be adding a couple of beginner  patterns relating to this craft should anyone be interested in giving it a go.


As I said earlier, I have been making soaps, bar shampoos and moisturisers etc since 2012. Each recipe I use has been carefully checked and the soap/shampoo etc tested on myself before being made available to the public. I continue to research and check out new ingredients as they become available as well as new techniques. Soapmaking and the making of natural body products is continually evolving which for me is what makes it so very interesting, and challenging.