Gift Packs

  • Aloe Vera & Jasmine

    Organik Botaniks from Australia. Aside from offering our own gift packs in the future I came across these in the meantime. The gift box itself is metal which means, no plastic and it can be used for storage when empty. contents: Aloe Vera & Jasmine Salt Scrub, a Bath & Body Elixer with Jasmine Petals and a satchet of Aloe Vera & Jasmine Bath Soak with Jasmine Petals.

    Price: $ 25.00
    Reference: 13-001
  • Hibiscus & Rose

    Another gift pack from Organik Botanik. This one comes in a dusty rose metal box and contains Salt Scrub, a Bath and Body Elixer with Rose Petals, and a Bath Soak with Rose Petals. The Hibiscus and Rose scent makes it a truly luxury gift to pamper.

    Price: $ 25.00
    Reference: 13-002