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Anti-Inflammatory Cream for Ezcema & Psoriasis

Being an on/off sufferer of both (my reason for my making natural soaps and shampoo's) I have found this cream to be very soothing and healing.  It can't cure either condition simply because there are so many different things that can cause skin problems, but it does sooth the irritation and moisturises dry skin. 

I have made two recipes but each with a different essential oil depending on your preference although all contain an anti-inflammatory so choose the one that suits you best. This one contains Rosemary EO, or you can choose Tea Tree or Rose Geranium EO. The last two contain added ingredients.  These are just trial sizes of 20g each for you to try. Larger sizes will be available on request. You will find them under Creams & Moisturisers.

Ingredients:Coconut oil (one of the best moisturisers for psoriasis) Neem Oil, (Neem Oil is a very complex natural oil containing 140 active ingredients and can be very beneficial for psoriasis and eczema. Eucalyptus- Effective treatment for pain and inflammation.

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